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I hosted an event at Moon and Lola for the Southern Blog Society‘s North Carolina blogger meet up a few days ago. It was a fun event where I was surrounded by beautiful jewelry and sweet girls! I wanted to be comfortable but still stylish at the event, so I ended up wearing this outfit. I’ve tried to be better about shopping my closet lately, so I pulled out this striped blazer that I had gotten at J.Crew last year! I  loved the way it looked with more casual pieces though I haven’t worn it much! I also added my oh-so-comfortable floral print flats to the outfit for a little print mixing.
 Kate Spade Bag
 Kate Spade Bag
 Kate Spade Bag
 Kate Spade Bag
 Kate Spade Bag
 Kate Spade Bag

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A girl that loves to eat will try to taste as many different kind of food as she can, she will not stick to a specific dish, restaurant or whatsoever. And by trying many variations, she will also gain knowledge about food.

And it’s the same for a girl that loves handbags, try as many brands as you can, spread your investment and do not point your finger to a specific brand. Before you know, you will discover some amazing new taste that you will love. And by the way, by trying different handbags and brands, you will gain knowledge about fashion and bags, which eventually will make you a better shopper.

Kate Spade does not only deliver beautiful bags, but hers are also creative. Have your read our previous reviews yet? The Kate Spade fine feather Roux clutch, which is gorgeous for the night, our personally hand-picked Kate Spade Wedding Bags, oh and the Kate Spade Ooh La La Bellini Bag.

Here we present you, the Kate Spade Madison Ave. Ville Flores Torrington, the name sounds luxurious, but that’s exactly how the design looks like. With Croc embossed, made from cowhide, this brand delivers you not only the look, but also the quality. Your bag will not fall apart two weeks after you bought it. A perfect tote bag that can carry all your daily essentials, it fits even your small laptop, with Kate Spade New York signature crafted in the center.

What you will also get is the new vintage frame that is so ‘in trend’ nowadays, you know, the same like the Fendi 2jours tote, but Balenciaga has been working with these too (ahum, the Balenciaga Ray Doctors Tote). Refined with 14 karat light gold plated hardware, a frame closure, you can find a zip with double side pockets on the inside.

Measuring 10’ x 13’ x 5.5’ (H x W x D) inches, for $568 USD at Kate Spade e-store.

For those that are interested in the chic shoulder bag, it’s priced at $398, also at Kate Spade e-store.



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And so it has begun.

Even Kate Spade has joined the ‘Backpack’ Club, soon we will have so many choices than we cannot pick.

I love backpacks; they are great and can be very handy. They are also easy to store essentials, especially when they are heavy like books or laptops. And I love the way it sits on our back.

But then, too many backpacks in your wardrobe is not cool. Backpacks are great for occasions, or travelling. Would you rather have 10 gorgeous tote bag or 10 backpacks?

Presenting the Kate Spade Classic Nylon Molly Backpack. If you are still searching for the backpack to suits your taste, but haven’t found any or don’t want to spend too much, then this is a great choice.

A girly bag with a front flap and featured with the signature of Kate Spade. What differentiates the Kate Spade Classic Molly Backpack form the rest is the functionality, it comes with a drawstring closure.

Made from durable woven nylon with crosshatched leather trim. The hardware is made from 14 karat light gold, with custom woven bookstripe print in the interior.

What to expect on the inside?

It comes with a zip and double slide pockets and one large empty space. They are available in classic colors like black and dark blue, or also in red.

Measuring 11.5’ x 9.5’ x 6’ (H x W x D),




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