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A time-tested handbag made from the best of the best. The Lady Dior Bag is where you must turned to in time of depression, sadness and broken heart, so skip the ice cream, chocolates and all the other sweetness.

Embellished with ‘Cannage Stitching’, the brand’s most iconic print. And there is no woman that dares to ignore the eternal beauty of this bag. It’s cute, bold and charming – it’s the bag that got it all.

Even the name is an icon – the Lady Dior, named after Princess Diana. It was created in 1994 in Dior workshop and it even got a code name – Chouchou, which means favorite.

The Lady Dior Tote Bag was born to become an icon, as soon as it hit the boutiques, it was instantly successful. It claimed its iconic status in a very short time.

When you purchase the Lady Dior Bag, it’s an one-time investment forever, always. The value will only go up (if you don’t abuse the bag of course) and it can be passed on from grandma to granddaughter.

See all the colors from the Spring Summer 2015 Collection here…








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Lady Dior Signature Bag

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You got to love the Lady Dior Signature Bag for ‘eternity’. Inspired by couture, created in 1994, adorned by Princess Diana and instantly successful once it hit the store.

The Lady Dior is a recognizable bag with a strong identity, worldwide famous, carrying it is like dancing with a celebrity. It’s the symbol of feminine and elegant; it changes your attitude just like wearing your favorite pair of red pumps, which makes you feel fabulous.

The Lady Dior Signature Bag is a unique limited edition. The background is fully colored in white, no cannage stitching. Instead it’s a work of art, with drawings inspired by René Gruau, brush-effect of turquoise, yellow and pink. Play with your wardrobe, it’s the go-bag for the summer outfits.

And of course, the Dior signature adds an arty twist to the design.

Made from lambskin, refined with silver hardware, it features the classic DIOR charm. Measuring 24 x 20 x 11 cm, priced at $5100 USD and 3750 euro, available via Dior boutique.

(Thanks Paula for the additional information, you really should get this bag btw).


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Used Bags And Second Rate Site

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I`ve received a lot of questions my readers and they all seemed to be wary of the site. So, going into this review I really had low expectations for quality. Even still, I did not expect that when I ordered a replica Lady Dior bag from them they would send me a used bag! I couldn`t believe it, I was incensed. But, being the generous person that I am, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them about the mistake. And, guess what: I still haven`t received a response from them. If I had to summarize my feelings about this site in two words, I`d say “Stay Away!”


I`ve shopped at a lot of replica sites in my day and not all of them have been good. Nope, in fact, I`ve come across some real awful sites selling tacky, cheap bags. But, never have I had someone try and sell me a used bags. Excuse me Deluxe Purse, but if I wanted a used bag I`d be shopping at the Salvation Army, not a site that claims to be selling designer replica bags. This is sacrilege! Have a look at the images below and you`ll see what I mean -there`s wear on the straps and marks on the bottom. On top of this, the Christian Dior text is poorly rendered and uneven. My guess is that they sold someone else this bag, that person wore it around for a while until she realized that it wasn`t a passable replica, and sent it back to them. And, then they tried to sell it to me! What a sham!


I know I talk about selection in every review I post, but I`m starting to wonder whether it`s worthwhile. Really, selection is the easiest and most common things that online shops get right. Almost every site I come across has a large selection of designer bags from all the big names – is no exception to this. In fact, Deluxe Purse goes even further than a lot of sites in carrying replicas from some of the smaller (but equally fantastic) designers like Marni, Givenchy, and Samantha Thavasa. But here`s the problem: There bags aren`t good (or new)! Basically, gives you the option of choosing from a wide selection of crap!


As I already mentioned, this site is low on information, and shipping is no exception to this. They basically tell you that it will take 24 hours to confirm your order, then they`ll get to shipping it. They have no idea how long it will take, but are gracious enough to give you a tracking number so that you can figure that out for yourself. Poor customer service! I received my order in 10 business days – which isn`t that bad, but could they not have taken the time to tell me that?

Return Policy

I have no complaints with the return policy at You have 7 days to return if there is a problem with the bag, a problem with shipping, or if you are plain dissatisfied. This is standard, and they tell it to you straight.

Site Usability

I found this site to be obnoxious to navigate. I kept going to pages to find them completely empty – where`s the About US guys? Where`s the FAQ section? And, like so many bad sites it`s hard to understand the text because it`s written so poorly. Um, does anyone speak English at Deluxe Purse? On top of all that, the site is designed badly – it`s hard to get from point A to B.


What kind of site doesn`t respond to client questions? A bad one, I`d wager. I tried to get a hold of Deluxe Purse to try and find out why they sent me a used purse and why so much of their site information is missing, and they never got back to me! It seems that I made a huge mistake with this site in not contacting them before I ordered. But hey, you live and learn, no?

My Humble Conclusion

My humble conclusion is that this site sucks. I`m not usually this blunt – you guys know me! – but I got nothing but bad from my experiences The site is poorly designed and poorly written. Their customer service staff is either non-existent or not at all interested in serving customers. And, worst of all, the Dior bag I got from them is used – I`m sure of it. Finding terrible sites like this just makes me so angry! I hate knowing that people like this are out there scamming the pants off of good people. Argh!!

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Legend Of Classic Lady Dior bag

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Chinese photography artist’s work, let a woman wore wigs appeared in an unknown location, the classic Lady Dior bag has accompanied her.

As one of the most representative handbag brand, Lady Dior is undoubtedly the symbol of classic. From advent to the present, this perfection to its noble style, high quality leather, and inject made Dior high processing technology of the spirit and enduring, and are all sought after by the favored access to Princess Diana. On May 12, the Dior invited selected one artist Lady Dior works in the world, held in Shanghai, “I can see” art exhibition, interpretation of their unique Lady Dior. The Dior invited famous photographers, visual artists, visual artists, film directors to create tales of Lady Dior. As the spirit of most core Dior brand, this for the love of art has inspired the works of representatives of Dior Lady Dior and inborn collision between artists of different intrinsic constant inspiration, about 50 pieces of the inflexible artistic treasure in its own unique way to pay tribute to the Lady Dior.

Powers is a potential luxury consumption in China, but in the eyes of ordinary people, these luxury just a piece of clothing, a package, an accessory. Luxury yet spiritual pursuit of sales but the lack of soul. This Dior are always rooted in the art back, Dior is a work of art, Christian Dior first and foremost artists, followed by businessman. This exhibition is a brand of art education, cultivate their consumers in China, let those who have genuine taste to enjoy. Lady Dior of commercial art, commercialization of art had a very skilful marketing strategy. Increase brand value through art, so removal of commercial brand to the consumers taste, let the consumer feel the enjoyment of art. In this type of branding in high-end consumers easily resonate.

Branding time machine. in September 1995, the Lady Dior handbag was first introduced, when Princess Diana of Wales at the “Cézanne exhibition”, the former France wife of the President of a new Dior handbag given to Princess Diana. The latest Dior designs soon won the favor of Princess Diana, after which she agreed on all versions. In November 1995, when Birmingham visit children’s home, the international media have photographed Princess Diana handheld handbags, baby in her arms. Become the beginning of a success story. In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, without her consent, the handbag to her name and renamed the “Lady Dior”. In 2008, “Christian Dior and Chinese artists” exhibition is held, “Lady Dior” are notable.
Classical interpretation. Lady Dior has four signs: a Dior logo metal Suspension Clasp, the second is quilted diamond Ridge, and the third is lamb skin selection, four 95 road fine operation. 15 years, Lady Dior are constantly improving innovation, every year on the basis of the original classic with different materials and details to create a different feeling of freshness, make it younger trend, Lady Dior, not only has not been eliminated, has become a popular weather vane of a new generation of young girls.

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Lady Dior – Art And Quality Of Heaven

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This is a Dior Luxury Leather masterpieces, its rigorous architecture modeling perfect rendering of classic charm. This top-level processes from the very best of leather making, its ideas, process of making, stitching and more advanced customized dresses comparable to manufacturing processes.

Not only does it reflect Dior extraordinary craft skills, and significant witness to the Christian Dior company a wealth of cultural identities. Its wonderful rattan check pattern, people can not help but think Dior Montaigne Avenue, 30th organized by the clothing selection during the 18th century in the Salon Chair. Lady Dior obvious vine pattern is innovative without sacrificing the traditional, it is not only a simple decoration, and has become a symbol of cultural inheritance of Christian Dior company. The gold letter pendants attached to the bag was to pay tribute to Dior loves feeling lucky breaks. While some anecdotes Lady Dior became a legend.

In September 1995, Princess Diana’s visit to Paris, when France first lady Mrs Chirac would like to send a gift to the Princess Grace. LVMH group (LVMH), Chairman of bonade·anuote (Bernard Arnault) recommend sending a handbag from a paragraph in the production stage. One night, employees finally finished this wonderful Paris style Black Suede handbag, and named it as “Princess”, from this hand bag with Princess Diana in hand.

Now, mix of the beautiful Princess and Dior brand name, the handbag is named Lady Dior, and have become competing sought after products. Whether Japan Ginza Dior rattan check the appearance of the building, is also out to the hand of Chinese artist Li songsong, consists of 6,000 neon lights formed by the building, lit up the 2008 year “Christian Dior and Chinese artists” exhibition “Lady Dior” Lady Dior is becoming the eternal topic.

All moments of life with a woman has Lady Dior handbag, this hand bags undoubtedly are absolute classics.

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Interpreting Lady Dior Handbags History

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The saying “every woman should have a good pair of shoes” and, as such, every woman should have a good bag. It may not be so gorgeous, no complex design and decoration, but it can read your mind, even if only a low-key and quiet black, has also been disseminated to the greatest extent of your taste. Lady Dior, perhaps in the minds of many girls that Pack, it’s low-key, simple, but full of flavor. SINA still products with your interpretation of Lady Dior Princess Diana’s past and present.
In September 1995, the Lady Dior handbag was first introduced, today it is one of the classic handbags Dior internationally. Diana package, this name originates from the beautiful story of Princess Diana, she attended a sponsored by the LVMH group, GrandPalais Grand Palace in Paris at the “Cézanne exhibition”, the bodenadai-Mrs Chirac (former France President’s wife), Diana will receive a new Dior handbag, which is LadyDior. This handbag has won the favor of Princess Diana immediately, after which she agreed on all versions. At the time of her State visit abroad, or go to Birmingham to visit children’s home, carrying Princess Diana figure Lady Dior are visible. Since then, many ladies Lady Dior in droves.In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, without her consent, the handbag to her name and renamed Lady Dior.
Diana’s package is designed to be simple and elegant, simple square package, no superfluous decoration, just in the package D.I.O.R four letters of metal hanging on Suspension Clasp. This was made Dior brought us the high spirit, simple revealed a classic luxury. Lady Dior in simple four signs: a DIOR LOGO metal Suspension Clasp, the second is quilted diamond Ridge, and the third is lamb skin selection, four 95 road fine operation. Each year new product innovations on the handbag may be in color, but not from this four piece produced by the main line, as it is where the soul of Princess Diana package. Day of Princess Diana’s favorite black leather bag both functional and aesthetic style of Lady Dior originally. Diamond Ridge above is specific to the Dior products logo, it’s called the “cannage”, translated into tengge lines, inspired by a Chair, rattan grain for Napoleon III.
Lady Dior,Christian Dior Black Patent Leather.Patent Leather.Silver Hardware.Silver metal ‘D.i.o.r’letters.Double leather handles.Removable shoulder strap.Top Zip Closure.Interior fabric lining.One internal zip pocket.Protective engraved bottom studs.Size: W23 x H19 x D13cm (1″ = 2.54CM)All Lady Dior Bags Come with serial numbers, Dior authenticity card, Dior dust bag and Dior care booklet.Buy quality Replica Designer Handbags, Designer purses, Replica watches, Clothes sale online for women.Buy AAA+ 1:1

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